LEGO Creator Family House #31012, Part One

Naturally, when LEGO came out with another Creator House, I had to buy it. #31012 comes – as do all Creator products – with three different designs. At least, they give you instructions for three different designs, an ‘easy’, a ‘medium’, and an ‘advanced’ build. Depending on your creativity, there are a million different designs.

Creator Family House 31012

I started with the ‘easy’ build – which they call a ‘small factory’. It doesn’t seem like a small factory to me, more like a one-man shop, and the equipment they provide was less than specific. What could this place be? A motorcycyle repair shop? An auto-body shop? A carpenter’s shop? There were no tools provided.

#31012 "Small Factory"

I decided that one piece of equipment looked a bit like a metal-stamping press.

Metal Stamping Press?

And another piece of equipment looks like a small forge.

Small forge?

And why the heavy security camera out by the door? Well, I came up with the idea that my minifigs might be metal artists, and the security camera is there to foil any would-be art thieves. So here is my couple with their latest creations, getting ready to load them on the truck and go to a showing. The sculptures are titled, “Losing My Direction”, “Warrior”, and “Out to Get You.” Enjoy!

Artists' Creations

Question: Do you have any other ideas for this small factory?


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