LEGO Town Hall Build, Part Two

The upper floors of the Town Hall also offer opportunities for play. On the second floor is the mayor’s office and an open space for gatherings. So, I decided the open space would be great for a gathering of law enforcement people. Why would they gather? DONUT DAY! Meanhwhile, in the mayor’s office, a couple of burglars are making off with some cash. Why would the mayor have so much cash on hand in his office? Hmmmm.

Donut Day at Town Hall

The top floor of the Town Hall is a board room. It makes me think of the board room where I work and a meeting I attended a while ago. This is my take on “As usual, the office staff can’t agree on the Christmas party.”

Once again, the office staff can't agree about the Christmas Party.

And once the building was completed, I wanted to elaborate on the exterior, so here’s my view of the Town Hall, NOT squeezed in on either side with other modular buildings, but freestanding, as is the town hall in a town near me. I have parking on one side, and a small park on the other. Doing the landscaping was fun. Some day, I’ll have enough extra bricks to be able to elaborate even more, but for now, this will have to do. On the roof, I have a couple of secretaries getting some sun during their lunch break, while Uncle Orvie, the janitor, does a little silent longing of his own.

The Town Hall, Expanded

Small Town Park

Parking Lot on the other side of the Town Hall

Up on the Roof

I recently read a blog by another LEGO fan, Buried in Bricks, who talked about the problems of making MOC’s – what do you do when it’s finished? Unless it’s really huge and detailed, worthy of showing at some brick festival, the MOC is going to just sit there. I don’t have room to display them, and who would I show them to anyway? So this blog is partly a way to show off my MOCs until I tear them down. Which I’ll be doing to this one…beginning today. Kind of a bummer, but hey, I’ve got a new Creator house arriving soon.

Question:If you build MOCs, where do you show them?


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