Lego Room, Part 3

Displaying your LEGO.

Once you’ve completed a set, or a MOC, you want to be able to admire it a while. Some people never tear down a set they’ve completed, but keep them on display forever. Myself, I enjoy the act of building more than the display, so I’ll tear them down and rebuild again and again, but even so, I still want to display the finished product at least for a while.
Even more, I want to be able to display quantities of LEGO productions. The whole street of Modulars, the whole Winter Village, a row of Creator houses. The trouble is, where?
Since I still somewhat keep my LEGO obsession under wraps, I don’t want them in the living room, for the most part. The one exception was last Christmas when I put the Winter Village on display on my mantel. I figured, lots of people display miniatures at Christmas time, if they’re Christmas-related, so why not? But, of course, the display came down when Christmas was over.

Entire Winter Village

Entire Winter Village

Once, when my cousin and his family were coming over, straight from Legoland, I set up the whole collection of buildings I had at the time on the big worktable in my storage room. They barely fit and made quite a sight. But the storage room turned out to be an impractical place, because, well, we STORE things there and need to get at them. And in the process, we seem to inadvertently bump into the display and send things flying. I say “we” when I really mean my husband, but let’s not go into that!

Full Table!

I’ve seen some really beautiful display arrangements online, such as this collection of trains, and this LEGO Boulevard, not to mention gargantuan displays that are set up at Brick Conventions, such as this ultimate Hogworts castle. I don’t quite aspire to something like that, but I do want my creations to live for at least a little while.

So, for right now, they live in a cupboard. And they live in my photographs, which aren’t the best – I don’t have the right camera or lighting – but at least it’s a memento. This is my most recent MOC, Snape’s Apartment, using mostly pieces from the Hogworts Castle, #4709, plus stray pieces from other sets. The photos are one way of displaying my builds while not taking up any space in the house. More later.

Snape's Apartment

Question: How do you display your LEGO creations?


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