LEGO Room, Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous blog, having room for your LEGO collection means having work space, storage space and display space. Today I’ll write about storage space.

I keep my LEGO bricks in their original boxes. Since I mostly build sets exactly as they come, and then adapt or modify them for vignettes, this works best for me. Many LEGO fans who do a lot of MOCs break apart their sets and store the pieces according to size, color and type. Either way, we have storage issues.

Since I keep the sets in their original boxes, it means I have to find space for those honking big boxes that the Modular sets come in. Some go in a closet.

Some go in a couple of different cabinets.

Cabinet #1

Cabinet #2, Upper shelves

Cabinet #2, drawers

Inside the boxes, I have the bricks sorted into plastic bags in whatever criteria seems convenient. For example, for the Modular buildings, the parts are sorted by which floor they go on. With the Creator series, since there aren’t as many bricks per set and since you can build the sets in different ways, I have the bags sorted by the color of bricks.

I also have some bags that hold specific parts of a set – such as the tree for the Medieval Market Place, all in one bag, and the outbuildings and animals in another. Since I often raid one set for pieces to use in a vignette featuring a different set, I now separately bag up the things I think I’ll want, such as pieces of furniture.

Lola keeps watch.

Lola keeps watch.

Storage space is also a crucial issue for works-in-progress (WIP). I’ve made room for WIPs in a cabinet, so long as the WIP is not too large. I also have all my minifigs together, where I can find what I want quickly. As much as possible, I try to return everything to where it belongs once I’ve finished creating and photographing a vignette or series of pix, such as one I recently completed entitled “Snape Takes a Vacation”.

WIP, Snape Takes a Vacation

My minifigs
At this point, less than a year after my LEGO obsession began, I’ve gotten to the point where it takes two large cabinets and part of a closet to store my collection. I don’t have that many ‘loose’ bricks yet, and I store them in plastic food storage boxes. But I can see that collection will be growing. What will another year bring?
Loose bricks in storage.

Question: How do you store your LEGO?


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