LEGO Room, Part 1

In those two simple words, “LEGO room”, you uncover one of the big problems for AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO). Where and how do you make room for your LEGO collection? Some lucky people are able to dedicate an entire room to their bricks, while others – a select few – are even able to devote their entire basement, garage, or attic to their hobby.

For most of us, ‘LEGO room’ doesn’t mean an entire room, it just means space in which to enjoy your LEGO. And ‘space’ means work space, storage space, and hopefully, some display space.

For me, the ideal workspace mean a large surface with good lighting, with a comfortable chair, and access to a TV and laptop. I prefer the floor beneath to be carpeted with some neutral color, low-pile carpet, so that any bricks that decide to become jumpers will land, stay in place, and be easy to find. When bricks fall on a hard floor, they tend to bounce or skid and can end up far from their falling point. In fact, I also prefer the work table to be free-standing, not up against a wall, for the very reason that flying bricks will be easier to retrieve, and not end up in some accessible corner behind a heavy desk that’s set against a wall.

I don’t HAVE the ideal workspace. My husband’s office would do quite well except for one thing – it’s my husband’s office. He always seems to want it when he gets home, so I can never leave any works-in-progress sitting out. Bummer.


I have an office, too, but it’s far from ideal. The desktop is smaller, against a wall, with less-than ideal lighting, and unfortunately, I too need to use my office quite a lot, so the desk space is usually covered with papers. Rats.


The dining room table would work, although no TV access, but I’d have to clear it off to eat every evening, so that’s no good. I have a huge work table in the basement, but it’s too high to sit at comfortably (designed to use while standing), and not only is the lighting terrible, but the room is rather gloomy – cement floor and I’d be surrounded the water heater, the furnace and A/C, and shelves full of camping, fishing, and boating gear, and old suitcases. Gahhh.



So I have had to compromise – using my husband’s desk when he’s at work, and always clearing my WIP out of the way. He’s been kind enough to donate a large cabinet where I can keep things fairly near at hand. When I want to work on my LEGO sets when he’s home, I move things over to my desk or the dining room, and get by. It’s not a perfect arrangement but it’s all I have for now. But a girl can dream, right?

Thanks to all the LEGO fans whose LEGO rooms pix I linked to – they inspire me.

Question: What would your ideal LEGO room contain?


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