LEGO time-lapse and stop-motion builds

After I bought my first LEGO building set, the Grand Emporium, #10211, I knew I had to wait a while before I bought another set. My family was bemused enough at my new-found interest, I didn’t want them to think Mama had gone off her rocker. After I’d dragged each of them to look at the Grand Emporium and forced them to acknowledge all the cool features (the escalators! the dressing room! the revolving door! the window-cleaner!), I wanted to run right out and buy more, more, more. I just couldn’t decide – another set from the Modular series? More Harry Potter sets? The Winter Village? Nothing was cheap; I’d have to demonstrate a little patience before plunging my dollars down on the LEGO store counter, so how could I satiate my LEGO lust in the meanwhile?

Enter YouTube.

YouTube has a whole banquet of LEGO-related videos – reviews, mini-films, videos on LEGO’s official YouTube channel, even music videos that use LEGO minifigs as their ‘stars’. I became mildly hooked on stop-motion or time-lapse videos that showed various sets being built. I especially enjoyed videos showing the Modular series being built – there are so many pieces in these sets that they make for really entertaining videos.

Some of the best of the ‘build’ videos can be found on YouTube by searching for the following videographers: mobybricksflicks, legohero17, sfgam2775br (his have construction crews working on the buildings!), madaboutlego, Jasen Leslie, and for some very entertaining videos of all sorts of LEGO themes, MICHAELHICKOXFilms.

Although I haven’t attempted a stop-action film, I quickly learned to enjoy ‘setting up’ for a build – sorting the pieces prior to construction. And before long, I began taking photos of my set-ups. Here’s an early one, the Hillside House, #5771.



all lined up

all lined up

starting to build

starting to build

Finished product!

Finished product!

I find I enjoy the setting up just as much as the build itself, and in later entries, I’ll show how I got a bit fancier from time to time in the set-up. Ya gotta let the left side of the brain play now and then.

Question: Do you like to organize your pieces before beginning a build, or do you like to just plunge in? Do you ever take photos of the build?


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